2018 Christmas Dance, Dec. 14


The 2018 Cleveland Hts RSCDS Christmas Dance – Fri. Dec. 14 8pm At St. Ann’s Parish.

We are thrilled to announce the musicians for the night:  James MacQueen, fiddle; Annie Turano, fiddle;  Brian Turano, keyboard and guest clarinetist, Jacey Kepich.

James and Annie are part of ‘String Fire‘ from the Bay area, California.

If you do not have their CD ‘Excited States‘ this would be a good time to purchase it – it is ridiculously fantazmagorical!!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say, We are coming unglued every time we think of this event or move forward with our plans.  this is going to be one outstanding evening – the music promises to be exquisite, exciting, creative and full of energy!!!!!!

We are inviting everyone to join us.  If you will be needing hotel accommodations, let Diane know by Nov 15th and we will book a block of reduced rate rooms (either east side or west side)  Non-dancer family and friends are welcome to come to just listen to the excellent music – we will have chairs, not the bleachers, for them to sit and enjoy and sing if they want to.  If you are staying over Saturday morning, we will be happy to escort small groups to any of the wonderful museums/attractions Cleveland has to offer.

The Dance cribs are below.

Cleveland Hts Christmas – 2018

2018/19 Dance Schedule


Friday’s at St. Ann’s Church – now Communion of Saints School  – corner of Cedar & Coventry Ave. –  2175 Coventry Rd, Cleveland Hts., OH 44118  8pm to 10pm.  Feel free to arrive starting at 7:45pm

Park in the East parking lot accessible from both Coventry & Stillman (east of Coventry),  you’ll hear the music.

If your first time please call Diane at 216 NINE THREE TWO 9038, and she can advise you on what to expect.

What to bring: Soft Soled Shoes, A Willingness To Learn and Enthusiasm!

Cost: $5.00/person.

Class Dates:

Sept. 07, 2018 – Dec. 14, 2018 (off Nov. 23 for Thanksgiving), Back on Jan. 04., 2019 through June 2019 except for Good Friday.

Dec. 14 Christmas Party!! Treats & Fun! Live Music!!

Cancellations: Class will be cancelled anytime the school (Communion of Saints – www.communionofsaintsschool.org ) is closed, so pay attention to school closings as this page won’t be updated.  If there is a Weather ALERT, ADVISORY, WATCH or WARNING out for Cuyahoga County, then class is cancelled as well.

Stay tuned for updates.

Various Downloads


Shortcuts to video

The​ ​Countess​ ​of​ ​Dunmore’s​ ​Reel​ ​(R8x32)​ ​4C​ ​set

https://www.scottish-country- dancing-dictionary.com/video/ countess-of-dunmores-reel.html

THE​ ​DUNDEE​ ​WHALER​ ​ ​(S4x32)​ ​ ​4C​ ​set
The​ ​Cranberry​ ​Tart​ ​(J​ ​8×32)
FISHERMAN’S​ ​REEL​ ​ ​(R5x32)​ ​ ​5C​ ​Sq.Set​ ​(5s​ ​facing​ ​-​ ​M​ ​back​ ​to​ ​4s​ ​&​ ​L​ ​back​ ​to​ ​2s)
INCHMICKERY​ ​ ​(J5x32)​ ​ ​5C​ ​set
THE​ ​AUSTRALIAN​ ​LADIES​ ​1​ ​ ​(R8x32)​ ​ ​3C​ ​(4C​ ​set)
SAINT​ ​JOHN​ ​RIVER​ ​ ​(S4x32)​ ​ ​4C​ ​set
3​ ​FEISTY​ ​WOMEN​ ​ ​(R6x32)​ ​ ​3C​ ​set